Thicker Fuller Brows are here to stay

Achieve the perfect brow shape by following these 3 golden rules and the bestselling brow products.

The Starting Line
Draw an imaginary line straight above the middle of your nostril using the Brow Definer Brush to show where your brow should begin. Using Brush On Brow in the appropriate shade, brush in small upward and outward strokes to fill in sparse hairs and create fullness. 
For a bolder, dramatic brow (or if you have very little or no brows) use Superwear Brow Definer and apply in a similar manner. 
If you have great brows but are very light apply Brow Tint in the appropriate shade in a similar manner as you would apply mascara to your lashes.

The Finish Line
Hold the Brow Definer Brush against the side of the nostril and extend it to the outside corner of the eye. The brush will lead you to where the brow should end.

The Peak
Hold the Brow Definer Brush at the tip of the nose, pointing diagonally towards the iris of the eye to lead the way to a perfectly placed arch.

After creating your new eyebrow with your favorite shades and products, comb and set hair in place with Brow Set.


Product Review by Cotton Candy Ink

This post is by Tori of Cotton Candy Ink who did a review of Rig & Co.'s newest products. Thank you Tori it was a pleasure working with you. ~ Rhoda

Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing R!G & CO cosmetics. I was given the opportunity to review some of their newest products and I was more than glad to. I was sent 5 items (listed below)

~ tinted primer (spf 20, in light)
~ baked hydrating powder foundation (in light)
~ baked blush (in nectar)
~ baked marbleized shadow (in "smashberry")
~ luxury gloss (in "vivid dream")

So I decided to do a look using every single one of these products and to show the coverage of the tinted primer and powder foundation I did NOT use any foundation only concealer on my under eye are (no where else).


No makeup whatsoever ONLY day moisturizer (you can see all my freckles & veins) 

after tinted primer only

after foundation powder (concealer & eye primer)

after applying blush (and filling in my brows)

after applying shadow

after applying gloss (also applied mascara, liner to top and bottom lash line as well as highlight) 

final look using all products sent to me (and very few of my own)

my thoughts:

~ tinted primer: this product is creamy and blends in effortlessly the color matched my skin tone perfectly. it wasn't heavy feeling at all very smooth application. gave sheer to light coverage
love it or leave it? LOVE it

~ baked hydrating powder foundation: this gave a velvety finish to my skin and did not look too powdery at all. color matched my skin perfectly and blended very well into my skin. was not thick and felt like skin. 
love it or leave it? LOVE it

~ baked blush: this is very pigmented blush and a little goes a long way. love the finish and the color swatch is true to packing.
love it or leave it? LOVE it

~ baked marbleized shadow: this could be used as one color but i decided to use the 2 colors separately and the colors where pigmented and very easy to blend.
love it or leave it? LOVE it

~ luxury gloss: this stuff smells so yummy (kinda like cinnamon gum)!! this lipgloss is truly great in every way. was not too thick, went on smooth and very pigmented.
love it or leave it? LOVE it

All of these products were a great hit with me and as always I give my 100% honest opinion and do recommend you ladies check out their website the customer service was delightful and shipment was quick. it was truly a pleasure reviewing these products. A big thank you to Rhoda of R!G & CO.

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